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CEO Message

CEO Message
For a New History of Light, and For the World without Technology Hijacking

  • “Let’s make lights helpful for customers and the World”, “Let's value up for our shareholders and employees” have been always our faith when we have overcome many crisis to create a chance starting from a rental factory, and have grown up as global USD 1 Billion optical semiconductor company at LED and laser diode.
  • The moment Jimmy Carter was born as a farmer’s son and has become the president of the US was a turning point in my life. Because I was born also as a farmer, have been dreaming a small but meaningful light masterpiece, and hope to be a model for the young people.
  • Since the intellectual property used to be a motive for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolution, contributing into reducing the percentage of the population in absolute poverty, providing a solution for water shortage and illiteracy, I am working today with the last fighting spirit believing our company would become a case showing the IP would make our society fairer, the young entrepreneurs in difficulty, and the small and medium enterprises can compete fairly with huge companies and make a big growth through class mobility.
  • The Light! It has been always with us since the earth was created 4.6B years ago. The Light! It is also a photon more than seeing, influencing the animals and plants’ biorhythms and immune systems. We are the only company in the World developing and producing the light (photon) with all ranges of wavelength including the Infrared (IR) laser diode of VCSEL 1400nm, and UV LED 200nm and field solution by application.
  • We will continue to move forward step by step in order to make our products and technology useful for “The Clean and Healthy World with Light (Photon).
  • Founder Lee Chung-hoon
  • Life is a drawing which cannot be erased and redrawn
  • Thank you for your interest in SETi, now part of Seoul Semiconductor Co. LTD and Seoul Viosys.

    I believe a company should help the world, create value for its customers, let employees have pride and ensure the stability for its shareholders.
  • SETi was established in 1999 and is a pioneer for developing UV LED technology. In 2005, SETi and Seoul Viosys collaborated to develop the world first UV-C LED technology products. Since then, we have only focused on UV LEDs for over 12 years and have continued to pioneer numerous patented technology products used in the medical, ink and material curing, water and air purification, and surface disinfection applications.
  • Today SETi is helping improve human life by continuing to develop new technology products and applications in cooperation with Seoul Viosys; as well as utilizing the mass production technology of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.. These combined resources will enable us to supply the world remarkable cost innovations and help human life in earnest. A clean and healthy world; we want to create a beautiful world!
  • CEO Chae Hon Kim
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